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About Us: Committed to innovative, reliable service, and accessibility

Retriever Waste Management

Retriever Waste Management is a full-service waste management and consulting company. Retriever has grown into a thriving trash management business serving a variety of industries nationwide. Through our staunch dedication to superior customer service, we have been able to build a loyal client base while consistently attracting new clients with reliable, quality trash management services.

Unlike other trash management companies, we have grown our business through nonmerger growth. Our range of services, passion for our business, and unyielding customer service allow our customers the luxury of “handing over” their trash management program to Retriever with the confidence of knowing we guarantee every aspect of our service.

Retriever strongly believes in working with our customers as business partners. As such, we are committed to innovative, reliable service, accessibility through our 24-hour customer service offering, and serving the business needs of our customers to help them remain flourishing, profitable businesses.

Retriever Waste Management was founded in 1998

Essington, PA

Executive Team

Mary Catona, President and CEO

I love dogs so much I named my company after one. Mary Catona is always busy. When she’s not busy at work excitedly challenging her team to identify better ways to service Retriever’s customers, you can find her out on the turf training her dog on an agility course. Full disclosure: it’s not uncommon to find her interrogating the caretaking abilities of staff members who recently adopted a new pet or teasing others about their sneakers, snack choices, and desktop wallpaper. Mary has an uncanny ability to buy smartphones, tablets, and personal computers that turn out to be lemons. Mary founded Retriever in 1998. A graduate of West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Mary has nearly 40 years of experience as a trash management professional.

German Shepherd or Chihuahua: Both!
Person who inspired you the most: Barbara Paglisi
Favorite quote: “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”

Jack Kouzi, CFO

I’m Saba. Jack Kouzi immigrated to the United States in the 1970s, settling in Philadelphia, before studying accounting at Temple University. As anyone who has ever set foot in his office can attest, Jack is extraordinarily proud of his four grandchildren. In fact, Jack has an unblemished record of associating any work-related discussion with at least one of his grandchildren before the conversation is concluded. Jack’s experience includes more than 30 years of public and private accounting and more than 20 years in the waste and recycling management industry. Jack is a long-time member of the Pennsylvania Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals.

Most important remaining bucket list item: Visiting other countries, especially the Far East
Bad habit you’d most like to break: Munching on snacks while watching TV at night
Favorite day on the calendar: Fridays! TGIF every time!

Jeff Pillar, COO

Communication and Accountability… and Science! Jeff Pillar grew up on the Jersey Shore before moving to Philadelphia in his mid-20s. Jeff studied Middle Eastern History and International Relations at The College of New Jersey and received his J.D. from Rutgers-Camden School of Law. When he was nine years old, Jeff started playing golf, and he has been passionate about the game ever since. Shortly after graduating from college, Jeff took up running, and has become an avid runner, rarely skipping even a day. In addition to law and politics, and despite no formal education on the subject, Jeff is an amateur evolutionary biologist, and an unapologetic promoter of science and the scientific method. Jeff receives professional fulfillment from the improved visibility Retriever’s managed and consulting services programs provide its customers, and from his interactions with clients who are finally able to focus on their business, and not their trash.

Favorite thing to eat: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
Dream foursome: George Washington, Christopher Hitchens, and Jack Nicklaus
When I retire I will: Finish the Internet

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