Reuse: School Buses

2020-03-09T14:29:07-04:00 May 1st, 2018|Blog, Reuse|
Reuse of school buses into bus shelter. Athens, GA. Created by sculptor Christopher Fennell.

Reuse of school buses

Practical (and fun) example of product reuse in this bus shelter fabricated from decommissioned school buses. Sculptor Christopher Fennell saved 3 school buses to create the functional sculpture located in Athens, GA. Whimsical, reminiscent of childhood and good for the environment rolled into one.

Wouldn’t you want to wait for the bus in this environmentally-friendly shelter?

Nice job, Mr. Fennell!

What is REUSE?

Merriam Webster defines it as: Reuse: verb. re-use. rē-‘yüz. To use again especially in a different way. (

Product recycling reduces what goes into the landfills. It also results in decreases the flow of products into the recycling process which saves resources – energy, time, and money.

The more products we use again, the better it is for our planet and our wallets.

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