If It’s Not Managed, It Cannot Be Measured

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Retriever Waste Management pioneers use of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) for luxury Property Management client’s waste reporting.

Widely acknowledged as the premiere online platform for US water and energy reporting, ESPM also includes waste reporting across the spectrum of waste streams. ESPM tracks and benchmarks waste streams and waste management across commercial property types and industries for more than half of the Fortune 100® and 40% of commercial buildings in the United States.1

Energy Star Portfolio Manager makes it easy to identify opportunities to improve diversion rates and right-size waste programs.

As hard as it may seem to get started, measuring and tracking waste generation and recycling diversion rates pays out not only for you but for your clients and stakeholders. We’re here to help you launch and improve waste reporting. Retriever is also available to perform your waste reporting so you are free to focus on your business.

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