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Case Studies: What we do works

Case Study 1

Results: An annual savings per property of over $10,000.

Retriever Waste Management recently conducted a waste and recycling services RFP across 150 luxury multi-family properties.

Retriever’s dual objectives were to:

  1. Ensure that each property was receiving customized waste and recycling services proportionate to its needs.
  2. Achieve the most competitive rates available.

Upon completion of its evaluation and competitive bid process, Retriever captured over $1,500,000 in annual savings at those properties surveyed, resulting in an average annual savings per property of over $10,000.

Case Study 2

Results: Monthly rate adjustment from over $2,100 to just $715.

Retriever recently undertook an analysis for a new customer operating 45 restaurants throughout the United States. While reviewing each location’s invoices and contracts, Retriever discovered that one location was being overcharged by more than $1,385 per month in a city where the local government establishes the maximum trash and recycling rates.

Retriever contacted the city and its hauler and obtained a credit retroactive four years earlier for over $47,000, in addition to securing a permanent monthly rate adjustment from over $2,100 to just $715.

Case Study 3

Results: Correctly identified the market rate to be $525 per month from $1,840.

One of Retriever’s clients acquired a multi-family property three months into a 36-month agreement with its hauler paying over $1,840 per month for its front-load trash. Retriever correctly identified the market rate to be $525 per month, and secured a hauler willing to perform the services at this rate. Because the property stood to save over $43,000 over the remaining 33 months of the agreement, it exercised its early termination option even though this triggered liquidated damages in excess of $11,000. The numbers made sense.

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